Stage Three: The Cross Of Christ. 

 (1) Introduction.

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The lamb was slain from the foundation of the world (Rev 13:8) - God's plan was not changed because of Israel's failure, instead what God had accomplished through His people, Israel, was all in preparation for His one great act of history. The setting up of the sacrificial system, the priesthood and even the Kingdom were all foreshadowings of the glorious fullness Jesus would bring by His life, death and resurrection.

Group or Individual Activity: Read  Genesis 3:21 and  Genesis 4:3-5 and lastly  Hebrews 9:22 and think about/discuss the provision God made for us to come back into fellowship with Him and to a place of fulfilling His purposes (Read this article on Blood.)

What was wrong with Cain's offering ? What was right with Abel's offering ?

Read  Ephesians 1:7-12 and think about/discuss what Jesus has done to bring us back to God's original intention. What must we do ?

(2) Jesus Is The Answer!

According to what we have seen above and also what we read in  2 Timothy 1:9, even before time God had in His heart the answer, Jesus, who came to show us the way and indeed BE the way (see  John 14:6).  Only through trusting in Jesus and in His work of atonement, in our life repenting from all sin, turning our back on it and going His way, can we get back on track.

But inviting Jesus into our hearts as our personal saviour is only the FIRST STEP - we are SAVED and then CALLED with a HOLY CALLING. There is a pathway ( 'The Highway of Holiness') we must walk upon and not stray away from...for each of us it will go in the same direction but will also be unique!

Jesus is mentioned right at the start of the Gospels as being the SEED of Abraham (The Lamb of God - redeeming Lost Humanity strand) and the SEED of David (The Lion of Judah - redeeming the Fallen Kingdom strand) - see  Matthew 1:1.  This means that Jesus redeems the two strands of a fallen kingdom (usurped by Satan) restored in part by David and lost humanity (from  Adam and Eve) made possible by Abraham's life.

(3) Conclusion.

The whole ministry of Jesus can be seen as preparing and enabling the Church to take over God's mission where Israel had failed. God's intention has not changed, He expects the Church to rise up and extend God's Kingdom to the ends of the earth, seeing lost humanity redeemed by the blood of Jesus. The Church is now to be that 'Kingdom of Priests' ('Royal Priesthood' - see  1 Peter 2:9). By faith in Christ we are the seed of Abraham (Galatians 3:29) and of David so that God's glorious purpose is not thwarted but accomplished as we step out in His power to do His will.

It is within this context that we must see our part....

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