Eagle Like Vision
Having a Vision of God's Big Picture

(1) Introduction:

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Group or Individual Activity:Looking at the ARROW DIAGRAM, which part represents the EAGLE-LIKE vision ? Think about/discuss what would happen if this was missing or mis-directed. Think about/discuss why an Eagle's vision best represents God's will in Genesis One. (You should firstly look at the many  Eagle Scriptures.)  Read again  Genesis 1:27-28 and think about/discuss God's overall, general, eagle-like vision he gave to mankind.
Write down each element of that vision and think about/discuss each one.

Read this illustration and talk about how it demonstrates the need for seeing the BIG PICTURE.

The basic blessing of the Lord to Adam and Eve ( Genesis 1:27-28 ) is repeated through  Noah , Abraham Isaac Jacob and  Joseph. This flow of blessing has not stopped! Through Christ, we too are partakers of it! (See  Galatians 3:14 and  Ephesians 1:3-6).

(2) God's Original Intention

The basic vision of God shown in  Genesis 1:27-28 can be seen through the work of Christ as being relevant to us today...

(a) To Be Conformed To His  Image (To be like Jesus).

 His general will for all believers all believers is that they become  SONS (see  Ephesians 1:3-6 and  Romans 8:29-30).

Jesus is the pattern Son who is the express  Image of God and we are to follow Him in bearing forth this image. He desires our worship and fellowship and intimacy - from this place of sonship we will rule in the inheritance He has for us in the nations.

(b) To Be  Fruitful (Bear the  Fruit of the Spirit ).

To display a  fruitful character full of His spiritual blessings (see

  Galatians 5:22-23 - see this  quote by D.L.Moody).

 This is the blessing we receive from God because we are His children. It may be fruit in terms of spiritual blessings or even physical blessings. It is this blessing that we are not to hoard for ourselves but to channel into the nations (just as Abraham was blessed to be a blessing to 'all families' (ie. all people groups outside our immediate group)).

We must all align our lives with this original intention of God for us - to be a blessing to other nations by recieving His fruitful blessings and channeling them where they are not known.

(c) To  Multiply (subdue and  fill the earth ).

 To  fill the earth with peoples in His  Image - through evangelism, missions and discipleship. (See  Matthew 28:19-20). This will happen not as a result of all our efforts but because He has promised it!

We must align our lives with the MAIN focus of discipling the nations. This may not mean going cross-culturally personally, but it does mean our focus must be to reach the unreached with the Good News of the Kingdom so the earth may be filled with woshipping communities of believers. We must be WORLD CHRISTIANS with WORLD VISION, so all we do will be WORLD IMPACTING (eg. Mary's seemingly foolish action of pouring out the Spikenard on Jesus' feet was condoned by Jesus and He said it would touch all nations - see  Mark 14:3-9, especially the last verse. She had linked in with the missions heart-beat of God, knowing He must be anointed for burial as a sacrifice for mankind, redeeming them to Himself.)

Our prayer is not 'Am I called to missions ?' but it is 'What is my part in God's mission ?' - all Christians living in His will should be evangelizing, discipling and furthering His mission in the world.

(d) To Have  Dominion.

 We are called not just to be survivors but OVERCOMERS

 (See  Scriptures About OVERCOMERS).

 We are to gain the Inheritance God has for us by overcoming. The Bible shows us that we will all be rewarded when Christ returns according to our faithfulness to his call (see  1 Corinthians 3:13-15). This faithful nature is essential to the overcomer (See  Revelation 17:14).

If we are to fully grasp hold on that which He has laid hold on us we will join in Jesus' Inheritance in the nations (See  Psalm 2:8-9). The inheritance as mentioned in  Psalm 2:8-9 is for Jesus. But there is a way that we join Him in this Inheritance among the nations. The answer is found in  Romans 8:17-18: we are to SUFFER with Him (i.e. pick up our cross and follow Him). This suffering will particularly come when we determine to follow His will when it clashes with our own - part of this suffering will be leaving our comfort zones to sow our lives in His missionary purpose for the world.

(3) Conclusion:

Once again read  Ephesians 1:3-6, Ephesians 1:7-12 and  Ephesians 1:13-14 and identify these purposes of God for us.

Think about/discuss each area in more detail as to how every Christian should be involved in all these things. How do you personally measure up ?

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