All of Us Are Saved To Be Called.

(1) Introduction.

Group or Individual Activity: Look at the new ARROW diagram and think about/talk about the three specific areas of calling. Where do you feel you fit in if at all ? Is it possible to be outside of the big arrow as a Christian ? Should this be so ?

In this lesson we will see how every Christian can be involved in God's Big Picture. We can all be 'missionaries' in the sense that we are contributing to His overall 'mission' whether we go or stay. Our lives must be aligned so that we are withing the arrow of His Big Picture so that our lives will not 'miss the mark'.

(2) All Of Us Are Called.

It is a common misconception among Christians that only a select few can have a 'call' and only those in 'full-time christian work' (i.e. Church worker / missionary etc..) have a 'call'.
The Scriptural truth is that ALL Christians are 'saved and called' ( 2 Timothy 1:9) - God desires for all to be saved ( 1 Timothy 2:4) and that means that all mankind potentially are called.

Every Christian is called to be more like Christ, to mature spiritually in character, to have a heart for the lost (and be actively involved in evangelism/discipleship), a burden for the World (Missions heart) and be actively pursuing that vision whatever their call.

But the truth is 'many are called but few are chosen' ( Matthew 20:16) - this means that He calls, or invites many to step into His will, but few respond to follow His GOOD PLEASURE ( 2 Thessalonians 1:11 and  Philippians 2:13).

Scripture shows us that every legitimate occupation of life is in a significant sense a calling from God (see 1 Corinthians 7:20 ).

Following is a chart that shows the spectrum of callings in the early church...


Group or Individual Activity: Look at the chart about the spectrum of callings in the early church. How do these areas fit into the three circles on the arrow diagram ? Think about / discuss.
Does this surprise you ? Think again as to which area you feel you fit into.
(You can always refer again to the  Second Arrow Diagram.).

(3) The Three Spheres Diagram.

 Look at the following diagram showing what specific callings could be within each of the three spheres and in the overlapping areas...


Take time to consider each area in the diagram and the particular roles that contribute to God's overall vision of seeing the earth filled with people bearing His image, ruling and reigning in justice and righteousness.

Look at the various words used for each role and try to envisage what each one practically does.

  Frontier Missions and Regular Missions.

  Nonresidential Missionary.

  Bridge People - Trainers, Mobilizers,Motivators.

  Business For Missions and Tentmaking.

  Senders (Which includes Givers and Prayers).

  Click here to view the three spheres diagram again.

(4) We All Have A Specific Call.

Together, read through the following and look at the scriptures carefully....

(1) He has a definite will for my life. (  Psalm 32:8 , Ephesians 2:10, Hebrews 12:1)

(2) God desires us to know His will ( Ephesians 5:17) and enables us to do so ( Colossians 1:9).

(3) His will is continuous (from mother's womb - doesn't begin at 30!). ( Isaiah 58:11).

(4) His will is specific. ( Isaiah 30:21)

(5) God's will for us is profitable. ( Joshua 1:8 , Psalm 1:1-3).

(6) His will can be outworked in the specific vocation we find ourself in if it is done from the heart, not as men-pleasers but God-pleasers.( Ephesians 6:5-8).

(7) His specific will for us will always be an important,strategic part of accomplishing His overall missions purpose in the earth - a part of His Big Picture! ( James 4:13-15)

Group or Individual Activity: Look again at the above list and think about / discuss each point then pray (together if you are in a group) that you will hear His call and heed His call. Be open to words of prophecy, knowledge, visions etc.. which must be tested.

(5) Conclusion.

Click here for a proposed Group Excercise.

 (You can always refer again to the  Second Arrow Diagram).

Having been through this lesson no Christian can say they are not called. God is actively calling each one of us and has been doing so from before our birth. The question is will we arise to 'seize the day' and be effective in the area God is calling to within His overall purpose ?

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You are now ready to go onto the next lesson...

·LESSON 2: How To See and Hear God'sWill.


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