Moses and the 10 Commandments
Ways We Can See and Hear God's Will. 

(1) Introduction.

In this section we will be looking at ways God speaks to us and reveals His will to us. We have already seen that God's desire is for us to know our part in His Big Picture and He will actively be leading us into His ways through many and varied types of guidance. The types of guidance listed are not a comprehensive list but a selection of the main forms.

(2) The Three Categories Of Guidance.

There are three basic categories of guidance. Choose the one you want to look at below. Afterwards you will come back here....

       ·(a) PERSONAL (Individual Or Direct Guidance).

      ·(b) CORPOREAL (Other Christians).

      ·(c) SUPERNATURAL.

(3) Conclusion.

Looking again at the EAR and EYE Diagram we can see that there are basic word definitions to explain the form that our spiritual SEEING and HEARING will take. For example, through the prophetic ministry we will see PROPHETIC MOVEMENTS and /or SIGNS if we are tuned in to what the Spirit is saying.

Look at the others words mentioned again and relate them to each of the above sections.

Now you can go back , recap and Choose your next topic.


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