INTRODUCTION: The Big Picture.

(1) The Big Picture Diagram -

Group or Individual Activity: Look at the following picture which shows an overview of God's Will. Get a piece of paper and list the five stages, entering your own comments and initial impressions.


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Now look at each stage and consider the following points. Later on in the next lesson we will develop these thoughts further.

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                ·STAGE ONE: God's Original Purpose.

             ·STAGE TWO: The Fall Of Mankind.

             ·STAGE THREE: The Cross Of Christ.

             ·STAGE FOUR: Our Present Walk Of Faith

             ·STAGE FIVE: Glory - Our Ultimate Destiny.

Once you have finished the five stages you will be directed back here where you should do the following....

Individual or Group Activity: Read  Romans 8:29-30 and think about/discuss how this passage shows the full process shown in the diagram (The Big Picture).

(3) Conclusion -

From 'The Big Picture' diagram we see that we are called into an upward relationship with Christ towards the glorious inheritance He has for us. Our Christian lives should be going from glory to glory and from faith to faith and this can only happen if we catch a glimpse of God's Big Picture which comes by revelation.

A Proposed Group Excercise to end this lesson.

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 Now you are ready to go on to LESSON 1:

 ·LESSON 1: God's General And Specific Will.


 This lesson adds colour to your life
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