(1) Introduction.

Sometimes the Lord will grant supernatural guidance to us. This is , however, not God's normal means of communicating to us day by day. There may come a time where supernatural guidance is heightened due to the season we are in.

(2) Seeing and Hearing Supernatural Guidance.


Moses on Mt.Sinai (i) The Audible Voice Of God.

 See  1 Samuel 3:1-10.

This is very rare but does still happen. It is purely up to God to decide if He will speak this way (no matter how holy the person is). Don't seek this form of guidance as it could lead to you hearing other voices! Seek the Lord, if He will speak this way, so be it.

Group or Individual Activity: Read the above verse on Samuel and also  Acts 9:1-7 and  John 12:27-30 in each case say:

(a) Who was God's audible voice for ?

(b) What was the purpose for His audible voice being heard ?

(c) Could this happen today ?


Rainbow (i) Dreams and Visions.

See this article on  Dreams and this one on  Dreams/Visions and Trances.

Again, any  dream or vision one receives should be tested. It should not contradict Scripture and will usually be very vivid and give a sense of God's presence with it. They usually confirm what the Lord has already been saying.
Prayerfully consider your  dream/vision remembering they could represent symbols or principles - not necessarily absolutes. Talk them over with mature Christians (again follow the principles outlined in (b) CORPOREAL GUIDANCE(Other Christians).).
Remember that it is the Lord who is the interpreter of  dreams , not your own fanciful wishes (See  Daniel 2:28).

Group or Individual Activity: Get one person to relate briefly the story of Joseph (particularly concerning his  dreams) and then discuss what lessons you can learn from him about  dreams.  Was he wise in sharing his  dreams when he did ?
What had to happened first before his  dream was fulfilled ?
What significance is there in the fact that he had to interpret other's (Baker and Butler)  dreams while his seemed dead ? Anything else ?

Look also at the other verses above (and also  Acts 16:7-10) and comment on the kinds of revelation given and give any testimonies to help others understand better.

You can also see My Testimony of a God-Given Dream.

  (ii) Divine Visitation.

Visitation of Jesus Himself or Angels.

Read  Exodus 33:19-13 Joshua 5:13-15 and  Luke 1:10-14 and comment on the kind of visitation in each case.  What seems to be the purpose of each visitation ? Discuss.
Can such things happen today ? Tell any stories of such instances if any.

Angels may be sent to warn or to encourage (by providing physical needs and safety). They may also come with significant announcements.

  (iii) Signs and Wonders.

 Article about Signs and Wonders.

WARNING: Don't seek this last category (Supernatural guidance). If God wants to He will speak supernaturally. God may actually use more of this kind of guidance for immature and younger Christians but He expects us to mature to hear His still,small voice in our spirit. Although, in crucial times, He still does speak supernaturally (eg. Paul's Macedonian vision (See  Acts 16:7-10)- this was a crucial turning point in world mission (to another completely new continent).)

(3) Conclusion.

Click here for a Group Excercise.

Supernatural guidance is still possible and we should not shut ourselves off from this possibility. On the other hand we must not actively seek for this form of guidance as it is subject to the sovereignty of God.

In the End Times, especially as the time of the Antichrist approaches, we can expect an escalation of this form of guidance among God's people.

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