The Process of Announcing,
Appointing and Anointing.

(1) Introduction.

There are three definite stages we should go through in our callings. They may be related to Revelation 7:14 which states that we are to be  'Called, Chosen and Faithful'. However, not everyone makes it even to the second stage ('many are called but few are chosen') many times because they are unaware that their Christian life should lead to faithful obedience in God's mission.

This lesson takes a look at these three stages and the characteristics of each, citing Biblical examples of this process.

(2) The Three Stages.

Group or Individual Activity: Look at the diagram below that shows the basic three phases we all need to go through in our calls. Look at the Biblical examples given and discuss what you learn.


From this diagram we see that the three stages start with an 'Announcing' stage. This relates to the 'called' stage of Revelation 7:14. We are called even before our birth but there will be a definite season of the Lord's 'Announcing' of our call in a recognisable way. For David this was when the Prophet Samual first announced he was to be King of Israel. For the Disciples, this was when Jesus first said 'follow me'. For us there will be a time when the direction of our life will be indicated divinely in a tangible, recognizable way.

The second stage, being 'Appointed' or 'Chosen', is in direct correlation with our reponse to the first stage. We must seek the Lord's will as revealed in the 'Announcing' stage by praying through it and aligning our lives in accordance with God's specific word. This will lead to a definite time where we are 'Appointed' (recognised as being chosen). Usually this will be a time of official appointing in the Church (laying on of hands etc.) into the ministry God is leading you into. Not all who are called are chosen (appointed) because they fail to respond favourably to His calling. Davids time of appointing came at Hebron because he had followed up on the call of God in his life which led to an official recognition of his ministry.

The third stage is the most important - it is that which will cause God to say 'Well done good and faithful servant.' We may be appointed into ministry but we must prove ourself faithful in it.
David proved himself faithful as King in Hebron and was made king over all of Israel because of it. This is the stage where we will really move in the fullness of anointing God has for us.

(3) The Three Stages In Abraham's Life.

You will find that this is a process that is revealed throughout Scripture, foreshadowed in the life of Abraham.

In Abraham's life we see that the ANNOUNCING of his call came in  Genesis 12:1-3 through to the end of chapter 14. This was his preparation and his initial revelations concerning his destiny.

However , it was not until Genesis chapter 15, where God cuts covenant with him, is it that he is appointed to bear the promise. Abraham had responded to the call in obedience and proved himself in the sight of God. In Abraham's case there were no other people to witness his appointing to bear the promise, so God witnessed it Himself. This was his APPOINTING (this is where we enter into the actual ministry God has called us into which comes after we have proved ourselves by our obedience - in David's case he entered partially, ruling over only Judah initially as a precursor to his ruling the whole nation: see again the  Announcing,Appointing and Anointing diagram).

This stage is GOD GIVING ALL TO US (External covenant).
Appointing usually comes with the laying on of hands and a recognition among mature Christians of the call on your life and a commissioning into that ministry.

The last stage in Abraham's life can be seen in Genesis Chapters 17-25 where he receives circumcision just before the fulness of the promise. This is US GIVING ALL TO GOD (Internal covenant). It's the time of ANOINTING - moving in God's empowering for the ministry He has given us in greater measures.  We must be faithful in the ministry we are appointed unto or it will be removed from us as was the case with King Saul.

(4) Conclusion.

Indeed this whole process can be summed up in  Revelation 17:14. If we are to truly be the  OVERCOMERS He has ordained us to be, we must be CALLED (Announcing stage), CHOSEN (Appointing Stage) and FAITHFUL (Anointing Stage). Many are called , but few are chosen and even fewer will be found faithful!

Let us determine in our hearts to be one of those overcomers!

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