LESSON 1:God's General & Specific Will.

(1) Introduction: The Arrow Diagram-

Group or Individual Activity: Read through Genesis Chapter One (especially  Genesis 1:27-28) and Two (especially  Genesis 2:15-18) and then look at the following diagram. What do you understand it to mean ?

Genesis Chapter One reveals God's EAGLE-LIKE vision for mankind, whereas Genesis Chapter Two reveals God's  ANT-LIKE CALLING for each person.

Genesis One shows God's general will for all mankind whereas Genesis Two gives an example of Adam's specific call that is a model for all who follow Christ.
Genesis Chapter 1 = 
God's General Will 
(VISION = Seeing Jesus Doing -  Revelation 1:1).
Genesis Chapter 2 = 
God's Specific Will (CALLING = Hearing Jesus Saying -  Romans 10:17).

(2) Eagle-Like Vision and Ant-Like Calling.

We will later look more closely at vision and calling being seeing and hearing Jesus. Now let us look at EAGLE-LIKE VISION and ANT-LIKE CALLING separately. Click on the one you want to view....

             ·God's General Will : EAGLE-LIKE VISION.

           ·God's Specific Will : ANT-LIKE CALLING.

(3) Conclusion -

We must not only work hard and plan as he ant does but we must ake sure all e do is within the vision as seen from the heavenlies for our life (as an eagle's vision). Vice verca, we must no be so heavenly minded so as to be of no earthly use - there must be a balance in our lives of both the qualities of an ant and of an eagle.

When you have completed all the above you will be directed back here and then you should go to the next one...

              ·All Of Us Are Saved To Be Called.


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