LESSON 3:The Outworking of His Will
(1) Introduction: The Overview Of The Process -
This section could be summed up by the phrase 'Walking worthily of the call' ( See  Ephesians 4:1-3).

Group Or Individual Activity: The diagram below shows the overview of our calling. Think about/discuss what each part represents, looking at the relevant Scriptural verses together.

Ask each person to say where they feel they are on the diagram! Explain.


This diagram shows us the process we all go through in our calling. As we mature from a spiritual babe (  1 Peter 2:2) to an adolescent in Christ (  1 John 2:13-14) and then to be spiritually mature (  Hebrews 5:11-14 and  Hebrews 6:1-3) and maybe to a hero of faith (  Isaiah 53:12 and all of Hebrews 11) and hopefully to a friend of God (  James 2:23), we see that God's level of dramatic and obvious guidance will decrease (except for crucial times).

We must go from being DEPENDENT to being INDEPENDENT and then to being INTER-DEPENDENT.

(2) The General And Specific Will Of God - 

In the 'Process Of Our Calling' diagram (you can view it again by clicking  HERE) we see that...
(Vision) -  Sonship Glory, conformity to His  Image etc.. 
(Calling) - steps of faith (  Ephesians 2:10) towards the goal
Group and Individual Activity: As an example we will be looking at Abraham's life.
For Abraham his Point Z (which he constantly had in mind) can be seen in  John 8:56 and  Hebrews 11:8-10. Read these passages and comment on the Point Z that Abraham constantly had in mind. How does this apply to us today ?

The steps A...B...C..D.. represent the process of possessing the land of Canaan which came as a gradual revelation to Abraham. This was SPECIFIC to Abraham's life. (Just have a quick glimpse at the diagram on  Abraham's General ProcessOf Calling which we will look at in more detail later.)

(3) The  Processes Of Our Calling -

Now you are ready to continue your study on the process of calling. Choose one of the following topics which it is recommended you do in the order given...

          ·The General Process Of Our Calling.

          ·Announcing, Appointing and Anointing.

          ·The Process of Separation.

          ·The Process of Dying.

Group Or Individual Activity: Can you think of other processes we go through in our Christian calling ? Discuss.

(4) Conclusion -

From this lesson we see that we all enter into a process of God's calling on our lives which has been determined even from before we were born. If we are not progressing in each one of these processes then we are living stunted Christian lives.

This lesson has looked particularly at the life of Abraham and comparing our process of calling to his. Right now think of another Biblical character you can trace the process of calling in. Write down their progress of calling and lessons you can learn.

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You have now finished this lesson and can now go on to the next one :

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