Principles Involved With The Gifts. 

(1) Introduction.

We will now look at general Scriptural principles of how the Gifts operate through us, His ministers.

Group or Individual Activity: Look again at  The Chart on the Gifts Of The Spirit and associated Scriptures on  The Gifts Of The Spirit. What do you notice concerning the furnishing and operating of the gifts ? Write down and discuss things you see.

Now look also at  1 Peter 4:10-11. Look particularly at the Greek words and write down important principles you see here about the furnishing and operation of the gifts.

(2) Some General Principles.

(i) All the Gifts are given (literally:choreographed) by GRACE and operate through FAITH.

The wording in  1 Peter 4:10-11 is in the form of a dance master (Holy Spirit) arranging (choreographing) the dance, directing all the dancers (Christians) what style/mood (our own gifting and calling) to dance in within the overall play (God's Big Picture).

We are picked as 'dancers' in His 'play' not due to any good in ourselves, but by GRACE (unmerited favour). The word 'manifold grace' means literally 'many-sided grace' - many-sided like a beautiful diamond with many faces just as there are many gifts.

They operate by trusting in the GIVER (by FAITH) - we are 'stewards' of these gifts given to us (when we are  Baptised in the Spirit we receive the MANIFESTATIONAL gifts, but when we are first born again the MINISTERIAL and MOTIVATIONAL gifts become active).

To be a steward means that we don't own them but are entrusted with them by our Master for a purpose. We must seek His purpose so we can use the Gifts wisely.

Group or Individual Activity: In using the gifts there must be a 'ministering in grace' (See  Ephesians 3:2 - the word dispensation means an 'administration'). Discuss/think about what it means to 'minister in grace'. What would be the opposite of this ? Explain.

(ii) The MINISTERIAL and MOTIVATIONAL gifts are imparted by the laying on of hands and by prophecy (See  The Impartation of Spiritual Gifts scriptures).

You can refer again to  The Chart on the Gifts Of The Spirit.

We must wait until the time 'appointed' to move in our giftings as the Lord takes us through a season of preparation first. The gift is given from the time of conversion, but the time for moving in authority in that gift will only come when we are ready and the Lord chooses to appoint us for the task.

(iii) The MANIFESTATIONAL gifts are available to ALL.

You can refer again to  The Chart on the Gifts Of The Spirit to see the list of MANIFESTATIONAL gifts.

The BEST GIFT to be used as any time = The one MOST NEEDED at any particular instance.

(iv) The MANIFESTATIONAL gifts are the tools of the MOTIVATIONAL (or MINISTERIAL) gifting one has, just as the MOTIVATIONAL and MINISTERIAL gifts are the tools of our CALLING.

Depending on one's main MOTIVATIONAL (or MINISTERIAL) gifting, there will be a particular need for certain MANIFESTATIONAL gifts. One who is called as an Evangelist will particularly need the MANIFESTATIONAL gifts of HEALINGS and MIRACLES.

Group or Individual Activity: Look at the descriptions below of different MOTIVATIONAL (or MINISTERIAL) giftings people may have and think about / discuss the main MANIFESTATIONAL gifts that will predominate in their ministry...

 (a) A person who is called to be a teacher in the Church.

 (b) A person called as a missionary to an unreached people.

 (c) A person called to speak specific revelation/direction to their church.

 (d) A person called to be a leader in the Church.

 (e) A person called to be an Intercessor.

(3) Conclusion.

The Spiritual Gifts must be operated within the limits of the above general principles as outlined or they will be misused.

A proposed Group Excercise.

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