Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts. 
(1) Introduction: Determining Your Gifts .

For this section you will need to use the online Spiritual Gifts Discovery. You must bookmark this page before proceeding as the online assessment is on another page (NB. If you are using the frames version all you have to do to get back to the main contents page in the main frame is highlight the address in the location area of your browser , and then  press 'enter' on your keyboard - this will restore the main display once more).

Also you can use the online form and material on Motivational Gifts found at

Take time to go through this questionairre and read the relevant help material. Go right through until you get the assessment of your test and then come back here to continue.
From your results take time to separate MOTIVATIONAL from MANIFESTATIONAL giftings. For this teaching material we are more interested in the MOTIVATIONAL giftings.

(2) Your Main Gifts.

What are your main two or three MOTIVATIONAL giftings ? (note: in this test it also states the Ministerial Gifts - if you score high in these (Apostle, Prophet, Teacher, Evangelist or Pastor) it may not mean you are the OFFICE but have this gifting as a MOTIVATION that may lead to the OFFICE (Full-time calling)).

Please note that various gifts were left out in the test which may be one of your main ones (such as MIRACLES and HEALINGS - you will find it very obvious if you have a ministry in either of these areas because of the dramatic results seen).

(3) Relating Gifts To Calling.

Start to relate these main motivational gifting to what you believe your calling to be. You will find God has equipped you with gifts that match His calling on your life....
For example: If God is calling you to train up believers in His word in a specific area the main gifting needed would be 'Teacher' , this is the most effective gift for this task.

Group or Individual Activity: Think about / discuss the MAIN MOTIVATIONAL or MINISTERIAL gift needed for the following specific calls..

(a) A person called of God into hospital ministry - helping practically and caring for the sick.

(b) A person called to help out in the Church office arranging the filing system and helping in     the structuring and ordering of Church activities.

(c) A person called of God to drug addicts,counselling and helping them practically back into society and into God's will.

(d) A person who feels God is leading them to work with a little known tribe in China who have never hard the Gospel message before.

(4) Conclusion.

Talk about / discuss what you feel to be:




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