Peace On Earth
Stage One:God's Original Purpose.

 (1) Introduction.

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God's original purpose for mankind is best seen in  Genesis 1:27-28.
On the diagram you can see that there is a black cross through the arrow representing this purpose. Because of Adam and Eve's disobedience they cancelled out this pathway to His glorious inheritance. The Garden of Eden was to be their missions HQ from which they launched out on God's glorious mandate - indeed the Garden image still is relevant to us and there are many truths contained therein which we will be looking at later.

Group or Individual Activity: Firstly read  Ephesians 1:3-6 and think about /discuss how this passage of Scripture shows us this stage (click on the underlined word to see the original greek word used and it's meaning).  What does it say we are called to ?

To do more research look at the articles on PREDESTINATION,ADOPTION SONS
Read also  Genesis 1:27-28 and think about/discuss how this original command of God to Adam and Eve is relevant to Christians today (We will look at this in more detail later).

(2) Original Intention.

God's original purpose for mankind was that they  fill the earth with people bearing His  Image, glorifying His name (peace on earth). Mankind were to be  overcomers on the earth and partake in the full  Glory of the heavenlies, entering into His inheritance for us.

God's intention for mankind has always been that we fill the earth, ruling and reigning under His  Theocratic leadership, showing forth His justice and righteousness. This will be more fully seen when Christ returns to set up a thousand years of rule and reign on earth with His saints in the millenium and in completion with the coming of the new heaven and new earth.

(3) Conclusion.

When God created mankind it was with a glorious purpose in mind. The will of the Father for His children was that they fill the earth, bearing His image and ruling and reigning with Him. This purpose (first revealed to Adam and Eve) has not changed, the Adamic covenant is still valid and we shall see that we enter into the blessings of this covenant by only one way.

Mankind was shown a glorious inheritance but something went terribly wrong...

 ·STAGE TWO: The Fall Of Mankind.


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