Stage Two: The Fall Of Mankind. 

(1) Introduction.

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Group or Individual Activity: Read  Genesis Chapter 3 (Selected readings) about The Fall of mankind and think about/discuss what Adam and Eve did that was wrong - what was the CORE issue of what they did wrong ? What was the result ? What happened to their destiny ?

Instead of choosing the '  Pathway of Life' (i.e. communion and obedience towards God), mankind disobeyed God and fell away from the glorious Inheritance that was rightfully theirs. See  Romans 3:23 and think about the glorious opportunity mankind gave up.

Was there a way back ? Was there a way for man to once again be in the position to attain to God's purpose on his life ?

(2) God's Programme Is Revealed.

God initiated a programme that was to redeem the two areas of rebellion, namely the counterfeit kingdom set up by Satan and the fallen state of mankind. Right from the start of Scripture we see God setting in motion a plan to confront Satan's kingdom of darkness by invading it with His own victorious Kingdom of light, in the process redeeming lost humanity to populate His Kingdom and see it spread over the face of the earth (His original intention).

Read  Genesis 3:15 and note God's provision to redeem both of these fallen strands.

(1) The head of the Serpent (Satan) will be crushed by the Seed (singular) of the woman (fulfilled in Jesus' ministry).This is prophecying the crushing of Satan's false kingdom by the godly seed (The Kingdom of Light) - This is redeeming the Fallen Kingdom strand.

(2) The Serpent (Satan) bruises the heel of the Seed (Jesus) of the woman. This is a prophecy of Satan's apparent victory over Jesus at the cross (His heel was pierced by a nail) - we know that this was actually a decisive victory over the kingdom of darkness and purchased redemption once and for all of lost humanity - This is redeeming the Lost Humanity strand.

In the Old Testament we see God raising up a Godly seed through Abraham (See  Genesis 12:1-3) that resulted in the formation of God's chosen people, Israel. They were meant to be a KINGDOM (redeeming Fallen Kingdom strand) of PRIESTS (redeeming Lost Humanity strand) (See  Exodus 19:6).

Abraham's seed shows forth the priestly aspect of God's plan (typified by the Lamb), David's seed shows the Kingdom aspect (typified by the Lion) - together they combat the two fallen strands.

God's intention for Israel was His original intention of blessing the whole earth by filling it with mankind bearing His image, ruling and reigning in justice and righteousness (to 'bless all families (people groups) of the earth').

(3) Conclusion.

However, the Old Testament records Israel largely failing in it's missionary mandate to the nations (literally 'people groups' formed from the original 70 groups as recorded in Genesis 10 created by God after the tower of Babel).

There are some isolated incidents of Israel blessing the nations around them (either attractively or expansively) but God's judgements on and eventual casting off of Israel was specifically due to their failure in His missions mandate.

That's when God unveiled His crowning achievement.....

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