The Big Picture - Assessment Test Main Index

The Introduction:

1. The Big Picture match up.

2. God's Original Intention mixed verse.

3. God's Original Intention Gap Filler.

4. Multiple Choice Quiz on the Introduction (first three questions).

5. Multiple Choice Quiz on the Introduction (last three questions)

Lesson One : God's General and Specific Will

1. Labeling The Arrow Diagram.

2. Interpreting The Parts of Genesis 1:28.

3. The Antlike (Specific) Calling Cross Word.

4. All Of Us Are Saved To Be Called Mix Up.

5. The Three Spheres of Calling Short Answer Quiz.

Lesson Two : How To See and Hear God's Will

1. The Biblical Definitions of Vision and Calling (Fill the gaps)

2. Matching Conditions for Seeing and Hearing with the Correct Bible Verse.

3. Match up the correct reason for faulty hearing with the Bible verse.

4. Ways of Hearing And Seeing God's Will Crossword.

5. Match up the test of what we see and hear to the correct verse.

LESSON 3:The Outworking of His Will in Us.

1. The Process of Our Calling Diagram Match.

2. Abraham's A-Z Mix Up.

3. The Three Areas Of Our Calling Quiz.

4. The Three 'A's Diagram Match Up.

5. The Process of Separation Match Up.

6. The BDR Process Fill In The Gap.

7. Dead Ends or Dead Beginnings Match Up.

LESSON 4: Moving Into Gifting.

1. Moving into Gifting Multiple Choice Test.

2. Matching the Spiritual Gifting Category with the Gift.

3. The Main Principle by Which The Gifts Operate (Fill in the blanks)

4. The Spiritual Gifts Short Quiz.

LESSON 6: Communicating Vision.

1. Nehemiah Communicates His Vision Crossword.

2. Match The Opposition Nehemiah Faced With The Scripture in The Book of Nehemiah.