LESSON 6: Communicating Vision.

(1) Introduction:

The previous lesson have been geared around the purpose of determining what your God-given vision and calling is. Having an understanding of that vision and calling will add the responsibility of having to communicate that vision to draw others to run with you in that vision (See Habakkuk 2:2).

This lesson will lay foundational principles of how to effectively communicate the vision God has given you so as to mobilize others for involvement. Also it will act as a conclusion and a consolidation of this whole material, helping you launch forth effectively into God's will for your life....

(2) Lessons From Nehemiah.

(i) The Challenge Before Nehemiah...

The life of Nehemiah is an excellent case study on the topic of Vision and Calling - particularly in seeing how he communicated his vision effectively to see people 'catch it' and work to help fulfil his 'bigger than self' Vision (you would have realised by now that waht God calls us to is too big for us to handle! We must trust in His strength but also in those He calls to be involved with us).

In learning from Nehemiah it is good to look at the background of the story...

Group or Individual activity: Read together Nehemiah Chapters 1 and 2. Go around the group asking each person to say ONE thing that struck them about Nehemiah and the Vision God gave him.

The Background of the Story....

In 586BC, King Nebuchadnezzar had destroyed Jerusalem and taken the Jewish princes into captivity. However, just as the Lord had promised, the Babylonian Empire had collapsed, and the victorious Persians allowed God's people to return to their country. But although they had been back for nearly 100 years, Jerusalem remained in ruins.


Nehemiah was still in Persia, in the responsible position of 'cup-bearer to the king'.

Group or Individual activity: Ask each person to say one challenge they see in the world today. Ask them how they can tell if God is asking them to meet this challenge in any way or not. Discuss.

Now you can explore how Nehemiah took the challenge he was presented with before the Lord and the outworking of that vision...go through the following links IN ORDER...

(ii) The Man And His Vision.

(iii) Recognizing And Seizing God-Given Opportunities.

(iv) Communicating The Vision.

(iv) Persevering In The Vision.

Nehemiah persevered in the face of adversity.

A good leader does not give up when things are difficult. Nehemiah was persecuted from within the city and from without, but was able to maintain his vision, energy and devotion to the task (see Luke 9:62) - there was no flagging (See Nehemiah 4:16-18).

Group or Individual Activity: Look at the chart to the right and note the different types of opposition Nehemiah faced. Discuss each point giving examples.




In your work are you prepared to persevere to the end ?

(3) Conclusion: The Results Of The Vision.

Against all odds, what had not been done in 100 years was achieved in 52 days, and all the people were joyful and amazed and came to meet before God, to thank Him. As a result of Nehemiah's work, there came a GREAT SPIRITUAL REVIVAL (Nehemiah 8:1,5,6;9:3). The revival put in motion deep social reforms and brought a blessing for God's people. All because one man heard God's voice and committed himself to serve Him with all his strength.

Do you want to follow Nehemiah's example ?

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Pause now , at the end of this course, to pray and commit all you have learnt to the Lord. Ask Him to help you outwork what the Lord has been showing you.

 Some Final Words.


This lesson adds colour to your life
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