Rev.Timothy James Gibson

Tim came out to Singapore from England in 1988 to study at Bible School and earned his degree in Theology in 1991. Since that time he has been involved in missionary work (mainly training) with World Horizons in South East Asia and local church pastoral ministry in Singapore. He was ordained as a Life Center Ministry Reverend in 1997. Presently he is pastor of the English Service is Church of Singapore (Bukit Timah). Tim has also completed his Masters of Religious Education through Cornerstone University.

He is married to a Chinese Singaporean wife, Shendy, and they have three lovely kids, Melody and Gideon and Matthew. Shendy is a part-time teacher in a day care school centre.

Tim has developed many missions and Bible based teaching materials that are available in computer software format or booklet form. You can find out more about what is available by going to the following web page....


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